‘Northstar’ Leviathan


Logbook of Captain Robert Artego
Dreadnought ‘Northstar’
December 4
15:42 STE
Entry ST27023



Beacons installed. Pavlov has reached Leviathan. That’s what he calls the Alien structure inside the planet. I no longer show his reports to anyone. If the good doctor hasn’t gone mad and is telling the truth... it changes everything. Pavlov said that the whole planet Bion was once alive... sentient. Iridium, hidden inside it — was something like blood for it. He argues that Crystallids violently attacked Bion many thousands of years ago and forcefully installed an implant — Leviathan. And then they started to mine for Iridium.


Bion is dead now, and Leviathan is sleeping. Pavlov is requesting an orbital strike. He wants to break down the casing and descend deeper. I'm not sure that's a good idea: should we really attract the Aliens’ attention? Is it too dangerous? Besides, Northstar’s main caliber is not designed for this, however, it should have enough power.


One side of the scale holds the safety of my crew, and the other... who knows what treasures the Leviathan is hiding? If it has at least a hundredth, no, a thousandth part of what Pavlov promises...


End of message.

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