‘Northstar’ Final Message


Logbook of Captain Robert Artego
Dreadnought ‘Northstar’
December 11
23:12 STE
Record ST27147



Dreadnought ‘Northstar’, Captain Robert Artego. We are in distress in Ydra sector, if our navigation systems are to be believed.


Orbital strike had split the planet. What we saw inside... is hard to describe. Through the rocks we could see what looked like a huge station, vaguely reminiscent of Alien ships. In all my years in Spacefleet I have never seen anything like it, even from Jericho. We were looking at this Leviathan... and it was looking at us. All crew members felt it, including myself. Whatever it really was — it’s alive, it’s intelligent. And it’s the worst intelligence that exists in the universe.


The attack started in mere minutes. Crystallids appeared out of nowhere. Automatics worked first. Our gunners joined in seconds later.


With great difficulty we managed to fight off three waves when Pavlov contacted us. He told us to come closer to the surface. At first I thought that the doctor was going to evacuate and headed for the Leviathan. Soon it became obvious that Pavlov was not saving his own life, but ours. I do not know to whom he sold his soul for this, but a portal appeared on the surface of the Leviathan. Through its bleak plane, I saw the familiar constellations.


‘Full steam ahead’ — I ordered.


Passing through the portal, we lost the second armory deck and comms room, but we still ... survived. No Alien ships followed us.


If this really is Ydra, I’m steering Northstar to Naberidn dockyards. They should have materials for repairs and means of communication.


And one more thing. Perhaps I should document that. Before we jumped into the portal, Pavlov's last words were: ‘I'll be back.’


End of message.

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