New cryptograms


Cryptogram BBIM47-567413


From: R.Loken
To: N.Cortes@star_conflict
Cc: Imperial Security Service. Archive
Posted: Thursday, August 21
Topic: Secret Ship Pursuit


I inform you that as part of the task set by Security Council we investigated samples of the new ship ‘Nyx’ and new types of weapons allegedly designed for this and other ships at the object ‘Plant’. As a result of studying prototypes and documents available to us after the assault we obtained the following information.


‘Nyx’ is a fighter of the third technical level. Looks like pirates took part in developing the ship — their engineers and ‘designers’. Detailed analysis reveals that the ship utilises technology of several Alien races. At least two. This brings us to the conclusion that the Aliens are not just a single species, as we previously thought. Most of the experimental modules are based on Crystalloid tech that we already know. But a small part of the modules was created using totally unfamiliar technologies. At the moment we do not understand how they operate. Tech used in this ship has nothing to do with any other engineering project in the history of mankind. We can only guess what force is behind this incredible machine.


So we need more time to study the ship and the documents, as well as additional funding.


Ria Loken, Imperial Spacefleet Engineer



Cryptogram BBIM47-567414


From: N.Cortes
To: R.Loken@star_conflict
Cc: Imperial Security Service. Archive
Posted: Thursday, August 21
Topic: Secret Ship Pursuit


Additional funding denied. We cannot allocate more time for further study. You have less than a week to complete all studies of the ship. When the time runs out, the pilots will get automatic access to this ship's systems. All the pilots who ever performed contracts for miss Summer will get access. We can't limit access due to technical reasons. We are detecting a leak of sensitive data. Initiating an internal investigation.


Natasha Cortes, Imperial Security Service Legate

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