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[Tutorial] Open Space

This time we are going to talk about Open Space mode.

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[Tutorial] Debuffs

In this episode we are going to review the ways of protecting yourself from harmful modules.

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[Tutorial] Special episode

In this video: anniversary of the first Special Operation's release and other special content dedicated to Halloween.

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[Tutorial] Beacon Hunt

Today we are going to talk about Beacon Hunt.

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[Tutorial] Detonation

With this video, we continue our review of advanced game modes. Today we are talking about Detonation.

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[Tutorial] Beacon Capture

We continue our review of game modes, today we're going to talk about Beacon Capture, a mode that unlocks at player rank 10.

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[Tutorial] Crew and Implants

Today we are going to talk about your crew and their implants.

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[Tutorial] Workshop

Today we are going to talk about resources, modules and ship parts.

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[Tutorial] Destroyers

We have previously mentioned a new class of ships — the destroyers, but only briefly. Now, after trying them out for a while, we want to tell you all about them!

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[Tutorial] New Destroyers

This time we are here to tell you all about the recent update to the game. Apart from regular changes in balance, the game now has destroyers of rank 11.

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