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[Tutorial] New Destroyers

This time we are here to tell you all about the recent update to the game. Apart from regular changes in balance, the game now has destroyers of rank 11.

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[Tutorial] Combat Recon

This time we’re going to introduce you to Combat Recon game mode.

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[Tutorial] Special Operations Destroyer

This time we are going to talk about the game’s Special Operations. In this episode: Destroyer Raid.

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[Tutorial] Craft Ships

In this episode: custom ships – the pinnacle of space engineering.

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[Tutorial] Ship Roles Covert Ops

Today we launch a new series of tutorials dedicated to specific ship roles.

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[Tutorial] Ship Roles Recon

We continue our series of tutorials dedicated to various ship roles in the game. This time around we are going to tackle recon ships.

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[Tutorial] Ship Roles Long Range Frigates

In this episode we’ll review another ship role, this time it will be the long range frigates.

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[Tutorial] Lesson Guard Fregat

In this episode we’ll review yet another ship role, and that is the guard frigate.

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[Tutorial] Lesson Engineering Frigate

In this episode we’re going to be reviewing yet another ship role, this time it’s going to be the engineering frigate.

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