Panorama of orbital station «Guardian-17»

UMC continues to talk about the current events in the Star Conflict universe. The old political structure of the world, stable for several hundred years, has fallen under the wave of the Alien invasion. The inner worlds are partially destroyed, and partially unfit for life. The history of the fringe sectors is being written right in front of us.


Imperial sectors
System: Ontregos

Orbital station ‘Guardian-17’ is one of many imperial stations that managed to survive in the war with aliens. In many ways, thanks to the remoteness from the capital in the Solar System.

At present, it is basically left to exist on its own. Despite the long absence of communication with the Empire, modest resources and forced contracts with the UMC and other factions, the station's commandant Festus Morten is still loyal to the Emperor and does not give up attempts to contact the command.


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