“Blackwood” shipyard mission panorama

This is the sector where one of the most famous shipyards of the “Blackwood” corporation is located. The corporation is mainly known for developing the Ariadne AI, which brought its creators to a new level on the global market.

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“Ellydium Theta” station panorama

From the start of the invasion, “Ellydium” focused its activities on the study of Alien technology. Many important discoveries and technologies were made thanks to this research, which not only solidified the corporation’s reputation, but also greatly expanded its opportunities. 

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“The splendid seven” mission panorama

Pilots! The situation in the fringe sectors is unstable. We are recording increased activity of both military units and special security services. We urge you to be vigilant! It has come to our attention that Jericho has launched an insidious attack on a remote Federation base. 

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“Ariadne's Thread” mission panorama

Attention to all free pilots! The Blackwood corporation is requesting UMC’s help in defending their experimental shipyards under AI Ariadne’s control.

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“Pirate fort raid” mission panorama

For decades, the Vega system has been a stronghold of pirates who built the fortified station Fort Muerto. Criminals from the whole sector flock here.

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Operation “Crimson Haze” mission panorama

Even before the Invasion, Cybers in the Solaris system captured a large mining center of our Family. Using its power, they built something resembling a radar station. And they protected all of their buildings with both force fields and numerous automatic turrets.

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“Ellydium plant raid” mission panorama

Even before the start of the Invasion, the “Ellydium” corporation used its old factory in the Velorum system to study new technologies. Having built an experimental device for processing of iridium, they conducted a number of successful studies in this field. And then here they studied Alien artifacts that fell into the hands of the corporation.

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“Fire support” mission panorama

We received a distress signal from the complex “Naberia-392”. UMC recon squad is requesting fire support. Our people were carrying out an investigation at the plant. They were looking for a connection between the plant and the dangerous criminal — Miss Summer. They have just informed us about the attack of unknown ships.

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Corporation shipyards

Dreadnoughts are huge warships with great destructive power. They have a variety of systems, which can be constructed and damaged in the combat, for example their different weapons: torpedoes, combat drones and guns of various calibers.

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Ellydium Theta

Horrific Leviathan. From a distance it can be mistaken for a small moon. But that’s no moon, it’s a space station. Leviathan was created as a factory for mining Iridium from the depths of living planets-Bions. But at the same time, it is capable of destroying entire fleets and worlds.

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