Iridium haul

The UMC continues to talk about current events in the Star Conflict universe. The history of fringe sectors is being made before our very eyes.

Zone: Iridium haul 
System: Pallas

For many years, the storages and iridium processing plants were located here. The iridium was brought here from the nearby mining sites. The experiments with this material were carried out successfully. Some of the leaked prototypes even managed to gain some popularity on the black market among cybers. The iridium supplies were urgently removed at the beginning of the alien invasion, and for good reason. The laboratories were destroyed as a result of the violent alien attack. Nowadays, the Iridium haul is just a big burial ground where you can meet only marauders and cybers here, eternally gnawing at each other.

Despite this, the Iridium haul remains to be the most important transshipment point. Jericho regularly sends drones there for reconnaissance, but not all of them come back. It is often necessary to instruct mercenaries to search for damaged drones in order to get any bits of data from them.

Once Iridium haul was the richest zone. A lot of useful resources were stored in its warehouses. Nowadays, the mercenaries make good money by searching for the valuable ores that remain here or by mining them from the asteroids. For example, they are searching for cobalt ore.

In addition, one of the most optimal convoy routes for the cargo delivery passes through this location. Iridium haul is a dangerous place. And each convoy becomes a delicious prey not only for pirates and cybers, but also for Biomorphs and even Hunters. We lost a lot of good fighters at this haul, and their souls are crying for retribution.

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