Stripped deposits

The UMC continues to talk about current events in the Star Conflict universe. The history of fringe sectors is being made before our very eyes.

Zone: Stripped deposits
System: Pallas

Previously, this site was one of the first iridium deposits discovered in Pallas, but after several years of active mining, it has completely outlived itself. Even before the war, there were only abandoned mines, mined out asteroids, and a few guard posts to ensure the safety of passing transports.

Nevertheless, some independent, cunning (and very poor) miners believe that it is easier to extract precious bits of fossil from the long-milled ore. They passionately hate any close competitors who decided to do the same. They often involve mercenaries, ordering them to destroy competitors, sabotage the equipment of their rivals or to destroy their transport ships.

Constant firefights, diversions, destruction and frauds attract the attention of Mendes-IX security service as well. From time to time, they ask mercenaries to restore order in this location and extract the minerals that cause this rivalry. What if there really is something valuable in there?

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