Another world. System: Shining

The UMC continues to talk about current events in the Star Conflict universe. The history of fringe sectors is being made before our very eyes.

Zone: Another world
System: Shining

Scientists have not yet come to a consensus on whether this world is another universe or unexplored corner of our own. Either way, the artifacts obtained in battles with Aliens don’t give a reason to doubt that this world is native to them. 

The first mercenaries came to this mysterious world because of the disturbance of warp radiation during jumps between systems. Many pilots have disappeared in this death trap, because a great variety of aliens inhabit this world. Recently, more and more mercenaries have been sent to Another world in search of artifacts and alien technologies, using the gates built by the Jericho renegades Cybers for unknown purposes.

Places where the largest punctures of space into the Aliens’ world occur are accompanied by a strange-looking Shining, similar to a huge portal. The stronger the gap and the longer it lasts, the more dangerous creatures are found there. This place is the oldest known to the human race.

The UMC scientists believe that the so-called “Another world” is artificially created spaces for Crystallides. 

Crystallids are a life form supposedly created by the so–called Precursors. The essence of the Crystallid is simple – it’s looking for a Source (Signal) and materials to create more Crystallides. At the same time, the signal is necessary for Crystallides to function. Without a permanent connection to it, they fall asleep.

But the more Crystallids are connected to the Signal, the weaker it becomes. To close this gap, the Crystallids create structures in space that people have called “Relays''. Apparently, these Relays pick up the Signal, amplify it and only then redirect it to the Crystallids. Thus, the Crystallids managed to expand their expansion into the galaxy.

The purpose of this whole complex growing machine is not yet clear. They were probably created by the Precursors as a tool. Perhaps the Crystallids are simply creating the infrastructure of their creators wherever they can. They simply copy the pattern originally embedded in them. But maybe it's something completely different.

The reasons for the attack of Crystallids on people are not completely clear either. Someone thinks that they were looking for something in human systems. Someone thinks that at the first contact, people simply provoked the Crystallids with their aggressive behavior. But it is increasingly suggested that the purpose of Crystallides are not people, but biomorphs, which have nothing in common with Crystallids, as it seemed to many at first.

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