Colonization hub

The UMC continues to talk about the current events in the Star Conflict universe. The history of fringe sectors is being made before our very eyes.

Former Federation sectors
System: Olympus

Once, special capsule bases were installed here for sending to neighbouring sectors to help the colonists. Before the war, work on colonization was temporarily suspended in order to modernize peaceful production for military needs.

Military operations never touched this place, but now the hub has turned into a nest of vice. Luxury, gourmet food and gardens for walks. Money and only money will open the doors of this paradise for you. And if you haven't got enough, the visitors of the hub will enjoy admiring manhunting through the panoramic windows. The victim is you. The new craze is called “Insatiable Games”. Five moneybags prey on a single mercenary.

Since the Colonization hub has turned into vice central, wealthy travelers just keep going back and forth from neighbouring systems. Only a fool wouldn't try to rob them, and there are very few fools among the Cartel.

As a result, the sometime-quiet place has become one of the most profitable places for mercenaries from all border sectors. Here you can always find a lucrative contract for protection or a bounty hunt. And in the numerous remains of the ships after the “Insatiable Games” you can find useful and very expensive parts and modules.

Yours truly,
Star Conflict Team


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