Area: PB 42

The UMC continues to talk about current events in the Star Conflict universe. The history of fringe sectors is being made before our very eyes...

Former imperial sectors
Vior system

For decades, the planet PB42 has been considered unpromising. All the measurements showed that there were no minerals on it, and its remote location made it completely useless in strategic terms. This is what made it so easy for Ellydium Corporation to buy back its development rights from the Federation. Officially, Ellidium was taking Signal measurements on the planet in an attempt to understand Crystallid communications. But soon after founding their research base, the planet was shaken by massive seismic shocks. And then Iridium began to emerge from the gigantic gaps and crevices that had formed. Based on just rough estimations, this deposit turned out to be the largest in history.

Nowadays no one in the scientific community doubts that the planet is the source of Iridium – one of the legendary “Biones”.

Shortly after the “Awakening”, the connection with the Ellydium scientific base was lost. None of the rescue missions were successful. What happened to the staff remains a mystery.

The space around the planet has now become extremely dangerous. Not only did the source of Iridium attract various kinds of pirates, but aliens and countless biomorphs appeared in orbit with them. Only the most desperate mercenaries manage to break through to the surface of the Awakened Bione.

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