Nab One Of 2,000 Fighter Ships 26 January 2016

Star Conflict, the free-to-play space action MMO, has just welcomed a destroyer class to its ranks of spaceships. They’re the slower-but-covered-in-guns type of ship – big on firepower and requiring a lot of your precious space resources.

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Star Conflict führt neue Schwergewichte in Form der „Zerstörer“ ein 18 January 2016

Das Free2Play Action-MMO Star Conflict erhielt kürzlich eine spannende neue Schiffsklasse – die Zerstörer. Seit dem 14. Januar können Spieler von  Star Conflict die Zerstörer in ihr offensives Arsenal aufnehmen.

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Star Conflict gets new Ship Class: Destroyers 17 January 2016

A fourth ship class has been added to Gaijin Entertainment's free-to-play MMO, Star Conflict. Destroyers join Interceptors, fighters and frigates in the game. Destroyers may be a slower ship class, but what they lack in speed they make up for in firepower.

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Star Conflict – Arrivée des destroyers 15 January 2016

Les destroyers sont peut-être des vaisseaux relativement lents, mais ils compensent leur manque de vitesse par leur incroyable force de frappe. Les puissants canons installés de part et d'autre de ces géants offrent des capacités défensives et offensives hors pair.

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Star Conflict Introduces Its Latest Heavyweight “Destroyers” 14 January 2016

Powerful Destroyer Ship Class Joins Interceptors, Fighters And Frigates. StarGem Inc. and Gaijin Entertainment’s epic free-to-play MMO action game, Star Conflict, announces an exciting addition to ship classes today with the introduction of destroyers. Beginning January 14th  Star Conflict players can add destroyers to their offensive capabilities.

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Update 1.3 – Age of Destroyers 14 January 2016

Star Conflict is receiving a new update, titled Age of Destroyers, that includes the addition of a new class of ship – you guessed it – the destroyer.

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Get Destroying With The Latest Star Conflict Update 13 January 2016

Star Conflict, the massively multiplayer space sim from StarGem Inc. and Gaijin Entertainment, has had an exciting addition to its roster: the Destroyer ship class.

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Massive Dogs of War Update Deployed 15 September 2015

Gaijin has released the final patch notes for the Star Conflict: Dogs of War update. Six new ships have been added as well as the new Dreadnought Battle feature that allows players above Rank 7 to take part in epic PvP battles.

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Update 1.2: Dogs of War 10 September 2015

Portals have opened leading to the new location of "Monolith Ruins", which is located in the Antaress system. There, in the orbit of the planet lie the remains of a destroyed Jericho city, belonging to one of he families.

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