Massively: Star Conflict Blasts Into Beta 11 April 2012

Star Conflict may not be the MMO on everyone's tongue right now, but give it time -- it might just catch on. The gestating title from Star Gem Inc. has passed through the beta barrier and is looking for testers to help take it to the cosmos and beyond. Read more

Star Conflict Approaches Sector “Beta” 2 February 2012

Gaijin Entertainment is announcing the approach of the Star Conflict closed beta test. Those interested in taking part to play and beta test this upcoming MMO space action game can sign up now, with the closed beta scheduled to start in the near future. Star Conflict will release on PC later this year. Developed by Star Gem Inc., Star Conflict will feature exciting, adrenaline-packed gameplay sure to satisfy fans of true space simulators as well as players of 3D action shooters. Read more

PC Gamer's The Best Games of 2012 List 5 January 2012

British PC Gamer magazine included Star Conflict MMO space action into their list of The Best Games of 2012. Check out our pleasant neighbouring with Diablo 3 and Mass Effect 3 at Read more

Interview With the Product Director Nikolai Seleznev for MMORPG Italia 17 November 2011

Do you like PvP Sci-Fi MMOs? Well, in a short time you will be able to try the new Star Gem Inc.product (Gaijin Entertainment will be the publisher), Star Conflict. We (MMORPG Italia) sat down with the Product Director of the game, mister Nikolai Seleznev, to know more about it... Read more

GOHA.RU Interview with Producer - Exclusive from Igromir-2011 6 November 2011

№1 MMO specialized gaming e-magazine in Russia - is interviewing Alexei Peshehonov - Producer of Star Conflict MMO Space Action game during IGROMIR-2011. Only exciting details on setting, gameplay, customization and RPG elements in Star Conflict at first-hand! Read more

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