28 March 2013

Star Conflict OBT v 0.7.11 "Reach for the Stars!"

Our starship troopers team is on its way to present the inhabitants of our universe with the next update!

The entire galaxy is looking forward to historic steps in the life of the universe! The Empire is holding its breath, Jericho is patiently watching and the proud Federation is ready to fight and investigate the new stages of evolution!
A new chapter is already written into the history of Star Conflict!

We are constantly confronted with the troublemakers hampering the development of our civilization. With this in mind, we have improved the in-game tools that allow us to deal with those who bring chaos to our universe: the players swearing in chat, violating the rules on the battlefield, etc. Now you can file a complaint with the context menu by clicking on the violator's name with the right mouse button.
Our special units are hard at work on the interface, making it friendlier. Contract search no longer blocks all other actions of the player, you can minimize it and explore the store and buy some modules while searching for a match. We have also improved the context menu - now you can easily rearrange your ships in combat slots from the context menu.

And here are the news from the battlefield! We work to strengthen team communications, and here are the first results: now you can specify your target in battle! For now you can specify the target you are going to attack, but this is only the beginning!
In addition, we have worked on combat balance.
All pilots now also receive effectiveness points for the destruction of key facilities. All newly accquired ships have a 30% resistance to any type of damage until they receive the 1st level of synergy, you can see it in the section - "Factory Reset."
Do not forget about the ammunition for our pilots - we have increased the amount of missiles on all ships.

A full list of updates in this patch can be found on our forums.

A clean space to you, and see you on the battlefield!
Star Conflict Team 


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