22 December 2016

Follow Star Conflict Facebook Page and get Legendary Prize!

UMC announces a ‘New Year Marathon’, which runs from December 21 to December 30 on our official Star Conflict Facebook page!

Do not miss the opportunity to get one of the four unique bundles or a legendary colouring scheme for your ship! All participants of the marathon will be awarded prizes:

  • ‘Liquid metal’ paint.
  • 4 Ivory Evolution Pack bundles (‘Warp-sequins’ paint, sticker pack, 3 days of Premium license and 500 Galactic Standards).
  • 4 Evolution Pack bundles (3 days of Premium license and 350 Galactic Standards).
  • 4 bundles with 20 Xenocrystals.
  • 4 bundles with 500 Galactic Standards.


Marathon rules are simple:

  • Follow Star Conflict Facebook page!
  • Share the post announcing the marathon!
  • Believe in your fortune!


Become one of the 17 lucky pilots, mercenary, and don't miss your chance!


Star Conflict Team


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