29 December 2016

Deal of the Day: 50% off Brokk ship equipment


It's time to improve your fleet strength before the new year! Every day from Tuesday to Friday on the game's official website, forums and social networks, you will find unique discounts on the coolest ships released this year.

Today we offer a 50% discount on Brokk ship equipment! You can buy ship components right in the Ship Tree.

Class: Engineer
Allegiance: Empire
Rank: 13

Externally Brokk is very similar to an imperial support cruiser, so the frigate has a very serious, aggressive and brutal look. This made it a full-fledged "imperial" dream for most pilots. It can rightly be called the most versatile engineering frigate and win in every possible category. There are going to be no obstacles for you - the special module will destroy all enemy ships in your way.

Special module: "Gremlin" drones

This special module launches drones protecting and repairing the ship. Drones can also restore shields of allies in line of sight within 3500 m. from the ship. All enemy devices are destroyed in the same area.

  • When activated, the drone projects a beam towards the crosshairs.
  • The beam destroys all enemy devices (drones, stations, etc.) and restores shields of allies.


Weapons: WL13 projector

Beam weapon. Deals thermal damage. Regenerates hull and shields of allies it hits. Considerable power consumption in ally repair mode.


Special offer is valid for a limited time and ends at 05-00 UTC on December 30th!


Star Conflict Team


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