29 December 2016

Results of contest 'Crystal Science'


'Ellidium' сorporation thanks all the pilots, who participated actively and helped scientists to get closer to unlocking the secrets of Crystallids!

Each participant was great, your stories and hypotheses immensely fun and interesting, each in its own. But they are certainly worthy of attention!


1st place — TheDarkRedFox

"What happened to unit 46?" "Sir! We have lost contact with L-47 and L-48 as well!" "Dammit! What is happening over there?! Get me eyes! Now!" "Right on it sir!" "If those idiots make it back..." "Sir! Something is wrong with the systems! It... Says that the ship is... Gone!!" Read more


2nd place — JasanQuinn

"Station-commodore Varle was not in a good mood, and all of them were due to being dragged away from his work for ill-defined reasons. He was by all accounts one of the leading experts on the alien lifeforms threatening mankind, as well as the still elusive "precursors". Most of his work took place on Earth, in a large office overlooking the training grounds of the Europa Homeguard. But one morning he had been roused at an ungodly hour and bundled aboard a fast cruiser bound for the frontier, and all anyone would say was a variation on "they found something big." Read more


3rd place — lordanpu

"Eons ago there was a race that explore universe. They were so technologically advanced, that they build empire over many galaxies, but to maintain that vast space they need help. They developed A.I. Crystallid to do that and give it tools to achieve that goal." Read more


Congratulations to the winners! Thanks to everyone, who took a part, for the mood, gifted by your stories!


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