29 December 2016

New Year in Space!

New Year is quickly approaching. And it means it's time to decorate the Christmas tree!

We congratulate all pilots with the upcoming holidays: Christmas and New Year 2017! We wish you good luck, health, happiness and success in life and in Star Conflict!

We remind you that to create a festive atmosphere, we have prepared a lot of pleasant surprises for you:

  • Christmas decorations in hangars.
  • Christmas trees in place of beacons!
  • And drones have become Christmas toys!
  • Holiday missiles are now on sale.


Some members of UMC staff as well as intelligence agencies of various races and corporations actively working with the mercenaries, have been looking very elegant and festive the last few days!

We have prepared special promotions for the whole holidays! You can find out more in the news on the official site of the project.


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Star Conflict Team


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