30 December 2016

Star Conflict Evolution Thar'Ga Live Broadcast!

Pilots! Be the first to witness Star Conflict Evolution! Ellydium Fighter Thar'Ga is ready to reveal its secrets! Watch live broadcast Today at 14:00 UTC on Star Conflict Twitch Channel!

The ship ‘Thar'ga’ became one of Ellydium's major breakthroughs. Experiments showed that crystal growth can be controlled, resulting it more than a hundred different versions of the ship for various needs. Such a dangerous and powerful technology, coupled with advanced ‘Ellydium’ projects makes ‘Thar'ga’ one of the strongest weapons of war, and the corporation paid a terrible price for it with the tragedy in block RG7 of station ‘Ellydium Theta’.

How to build Thar'Ga in Star Conflict? Build a cabin first!



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