18 January 2017

‘Ellydium Theta’ station administration


Name: Dr. Conrad Dimeni
Age: 28
Organization: ‘Ellydium’ corporation
Status: Project ‘Evolution’ lead.
Duties: Search of perspective directions for working group research, organization of research laboratories with necessary materials, coordination of project workshops.
Born on Federation territory in the family of a trade agent from Hermes Block. At the age of ten years, he was transferred to an elite school with a free Sargas scholarship. Went to college three years ahead of schedule. At the age of seventeen, he got his degree, becoming the second-youngest doctor in bioengineering sciences. He was invited to one of the secret Helion laboratories. Since then, Dimeni's activity is classified. Ten years later he appeared on the radar as an Ellydium employee. The time and reason for the change of employer are unknown, but some sources say that Dimeni's experiments have gone far beyond the scientific ethics. Even by the standards of Helion.


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