31 January 2017

Last day: DLC ‘Star Conflict: Alien Winter’


Festive DLC ‘Star Conflict: Alien Winter’ with unique colouring schemes will be available until February 1 in the official store and on Steam.

On February 1 DLC ‘Star Conflict: Alien Winter’ will be withdrawn from sale and will no longer be available to pilots. Do not miss your last chance!

This bundle includes:

  • 3 months of premium subscription.
  • Exclusive pattern ‘Aggressor’ for ‘Ellydium’ ships made with Alien Technology.


A set of unique and rare colouring schemes for ships:

Star Conflict DLC Alien Winter

  • ‘Invasion’
  • ‘Gzhel’
  • ‘Desert camo 1’
  • ‘Summer camo 1’
  • ‘Desert camo 3’
  • ‘Metallic camo’
  • ‘Ice Crystal’
  • Snow 1
  • Snow 2


Exclusive title for pilots:

  • Title — Cyber-Santa's Helper


Star Conflict Team


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