2 February 2017

Star Conflict 1.4.0c Update #1

The hotfix has been uploaded to our servers.



Conditions in ‘Teamwork: squad’ contracts have been significantly simplified. Now you need to bring down 150 destroyers or 200 other ships. Every pilot randomly gets a contract condition from a list.

Added contract ‘Teamwork: destruction’:

  • Destroy or help destroy 10 ships, while in a squad.
  • Reward: 1 xenocrystal.
  • The contract is re-issued in two hours from the time you accept one.



Special module ‘Combat reconstructor’ now uses 75% of the damage taken for recovery.
Durability recovery effectiveness for ‘Matter absorber’ reduced by 5%.
‘Crystal Hunger’ special module effectiveness reduced by 7%.



A ship that gets any closer than 750m to a destroyer, inflicts 2.5x damage to its shield, hull, and modules instead of 3x.



Attention! New bought portraits may be lost after the update and will be recovered in the nearest future.

Communication with Star Conflict Universe can be broken, but we were able to repel cyber and establish a stable connection. At the same time we give every pilot one more day Premium license!


Star Conflict Team


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