16 February 2017

Top Guns: Pulse Laser


Pulse Laser - an excellent choice for the pilot light fighter or interceptor: powerful, does not require shooting in advance, very convenient for a beginner. But veterans also appreciate the discreet charm of Pulse Laser.

Empire has always been proud of their heavy guns and powerful thermal, gas-based lasers. But it became necessary to have compact installation of interceptors. Small, shoot, chemical lasers happened to be a solution. It was also decided to make the laser pulse-based. This laser provides a huge peak of power with a very compact size.

Presented, at the dawn of the Empire, the samples, although being modifications of old technologies, created a furor. Highly valued then as pilots and generals, pulsed lasers began to mass-produce on Corporation "Imperium" enterprises. At the time before the Invasion, new copies were made only for the Imperial Legion military forces.

However, the market has long been filled with an infinite number of modified lasers. So any mercenary can get a similar device without any problems.

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