6 March 2017

RF Blaster


We continue introducing you to standard weapon types of our combat ships. In many ways, precisely because of the large selection of weapons we were able to successfully resist the alien invasion. Today we will focus on RF Blaster.

RF Blaster is the most lightweight small-caliber plasma cannon, shooting in bursts. Single-projectile blaster damage may be lower, but it's compensated with density of fire.

RF Blaster is perfect for those pilots who prefer to rain a hail of shells on their enemies.

The gun was developed a few centuries ago, commissioned by Vanguard as a tool for massive interceptor attacks. Having taken an infantry weapon as a basis, ‘Typhoon Electronics Weapons’ produced a prototype that showed the best results and the company managed to sign a long-term contract. The weapon later spawned a variety of modifications, including infantry and armoured vehicle variants, based on next-gen technology developed by ‘Typhoon Electronics Weapons’. Now they're produced by dozens of companies across the galaxy. Although the largest and the only supplier of ship cannons for the Federation and the Mercenary Centre, is still ‘Typhoon Electronics Weapons’.

UMC reminds that sketches in HD of Star Conflict weapons are always available for viewing and downloading in Artworks section.


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