7 March 2017

Star Conflict 1.4.1b


Cryptogram AIIM08-151854
From: United Mercenary Centre
To: all@star-conflict.com
Subject: Bounty Hunting

Pilots! In those few areas, where communications have not broken down, there is an inexplicable decrease in Alien activity. And this power vacuum is now being filled by pirates. Dangerous criminals also known as Pirate Captains have been sighted in fringe sectors. Representatives of several factions have called for UMC to capture and eliminate these criminals. Pirate Captains are six criminals, former heads of the largest pirate clans in the fringe sectors. During the invasion, pirates led by the Captains made several joint raids on inhabited systems. For many crimes they have been sentenced in absentia and sentenced to death. 

UMC Administration


Interstellar Women's Day


In early March, we traditionally celebrate Interstellar Women's Day. On this festive day, we congratulate all our pilot girls on the spring holiday! Let it make the cold and the harsh space better with a little spring warmth, sun and love! In honour of the holiday all explosions in the game are now ‘Bouquets’. 


Holiday achievements

Only these holidays you can earn a special achievement, ‘March 8th’! To do this, you need to apply the ‘Heart and Roses’ aerography to your ship and use it to destroy 8 enemy ships in PvP battles. The achievement will reward you with ‘Loving Heart’ aerography.


Holiday aerography and colouring


Specifically for this holiday we have prepared a unique colouring scheme ‘Rose’ and special aerography:


  • This is universal
  • Lethal jewelry
  • Venus' looking-glass
  • Loves me, loves me not


You can also get all the stickers and festive colouring scheme in a special container-bundle. To do this will need to go to the ‘Bundles’ tab and select ‘Galactic Rose’.


Special Broker missions


Pilots! UMC reports that the customer known as the Broker is offering new missions to all pilots interested in urgent fleet strengthening.

My employers have plans for the vacated territory, but some pirate leaders are not willing to negotiate. You need to find and destroy the ships of the pirate captains in open space.

Your reward is a free container with Phoenix and Reaper ship components. 


Also complete the Broker's special tasks in PvP, and Co-op

Pilots! You need to destroy or help destroy 10 enemy ships in PvP, with a ship of the maximum available rank from any side of conflict in a combat slot. Your reward is a free container with Phoenix and Reaper ship components.

An employer who wishes to remain anonymous, needs to get rid of a parts kit for assembly of pirate ships, as reliable sources have reported that in the near future UMC will impose a ban on the assembly of these models. However, while these parts are still relevant, in exchange for completing certain tasks they can be yours.

Attention! Starting March 22 Phoenix Reaper ship components will no longer be available to pilots. It will only be possible to obtain them in special DLC pac in the official store or on Steam. 

All Broker missions will be available for a limited time untill March 22.



We continue to make balance changes in key parameters of game modes, weapons and modules. All changes have been made based on analysis of battles and statistics. 

Ship invulnerability time on revival reduced to 10 seconds.
Slightly reduced damage after charge accumulation for ‘Thar'kth’.
Increased damage and projectile speed for ‘Dag'tnith’.
Increased range of ‘energy burning’ and damage for ‘Destructor’. Now energy burning is only possible if an enemy ship is the target.
Increased damage of ‘Gravi-beamer’.


Sector Conquest

We continue to improve ‘Sector Conquest’. Important changes have been made based on the analysis of pilot feedback and game statistics.

Added locations highlight for active conflicts to space map.
Now corporation officers can move dreadnoughts between locations.
Improved wing description in Sector Conquest.
Ships of ranks 7-9 will no longer be able to come together in a battle with ships of ranks 13-15.
Battles for ranks 10-12 now start 15 minutes later, and in systems of ranks 13-15 half an hour later.
Battle duration in locations reduced to 30 minutes.
Replacing ships and moving the dreadnought allow fighting for an hour.
Fixed problem with dreadnought display on the map.
Now pilots get loyalty for Dreadnoughts battles only when they win and earn of at least 100 efficiency points.
Pilots, who left the match before it ends, do not receive loyalty.



Now oining the game's groups in social networks is rewarded with a premium subscription.
This refers to Steam.
Previous rewards are canceled.


Bug fixes

Fixed module improvement bug for ‘Emergency Shield Boost’.
Fixed conflict timer.
Now the 'Teleportation sphere' module cannot be used when under effect from blocking and paralyzing modules.


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