22 March 2017

Last day: 50% off Phoenix and Reaper ship components


Attention! Starting March 22 Phoenix Reaper ship components will no longer be available to pilots. It will only be possible to obtain them in special DLC pac in the official store or on Steam.


Special offer! Last day!

  • 50% off Phoenix and Reaper ship components.



Pilots! UMC reports that the customer known as the Broker is offering new missions to all pilots interested in urgent fleet strengthening.

In those few areas, where communications have not broken down, there is an inexplicable decrease in Alien activity. And this power vacuum is now being filled by pirates. My employers have plans for the vacated territory, but some pirate leaders are not willing to negotiate. You need to find and destroy the ships of the pirate captains in open space.

Also complete the Broker's special tasks in PvP, and Co-op. Complete tasks for PvP, PvE and Open Space. Your reward is a free container with Phoenix and Reaper ship components.

One last day is left to complete the tasks!


Star Conflict Team


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