23 March 2017

Science News. Back to the future!


Hello everyone! Once again this is your eternal science blog presenter Marcus Chromakeycus! The upcoming editions of my blog, ‘Weird Science! At the galaxy's edge’ will be broadcast straight from ‘Ellydium Theta’, where I was invited by Conrad Dimeni himself, the famous scientist and the head of the station.

Today, Conrad and I have visited the famous laboratory in Block 502, compartment RG7. Yes, the same one where a group of scientists discovered the incredible properties of xenocrystals.

- Dr. Dimeni, what are the scientists in your laboratories working on now?
- Marcus, it's classified information, and we would have to freeze you for 152 years. Just kidding. Some things we can not only tell you, but also show. At the moment we are exploring paradoxes in time. Well, you know, like what happens if you go back in time and marry your mother.
- Just like that? Is it possible to go back in time?
- Not for long - yes. Again I am kidding. It's very difficult to return to the past. Of course, we are still conducting experiments, but there are surprising results already. Here, see for yourself.
- It's amazing, it's really moved to the point where it was before!It's incredible!
- This is only the beginning!We are here to show you the real miracles! The thing is that singlet bosons can freely move in a hypothetical fifth dimension. This follows the so-called M-theory. Most of the physical objects in our universe are in our usual three dimensions. However, there are exceptions; and singlet bosons are exactly that. These products of decay of Higgs bosons can be made to interact with xenocrystal matter with our unique equipment. To be brief... let it be a return to the past for you.
- Thank you, Conrad.Science can work wonders! That's all for today. Watch us next week. This has been Marcus.Stay tuned!

To be continued...


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