29 March 2017

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Hello everyone! Once again this is your eternal science blog presenter Marcus Chromakeykus! Today's edition of ‘Weird science! At the galaxy's edge’ will be broadcast from dock 4 of station ‘Ellydium Theta’. Together with me are Dr. Conrad Dimeni, as well as the head of the mysterious and highly guarded ‘Science Complex #2’ Dr. Matthew Gilmore.

- Matthew, tell me, what is your mysterious laboratory working on?
- Marcus, laboratories, located in the second science complex, are mostly engaged in studying alien artifacts and their interaction with Iridium and living cells.Unfortunately, the lab is only open to personnel with AAA security clearance, and we will not be able to introduce you to our staff and experiments.
- Remember, I told you I'd have to freeze you, Marcus?It was not a joke!
- Well, freezing organisms for long term storage of hundreds or even thousands of years has been successfully resolved a long time ago and is not a big secret.It's successfully applied, for example, in cosmetic surgery - some wrinkles smooth themselves out after a couple of years in the cryochamber...
- No, thank you, I'd rather live a wrinkled life.
- Well, as you wish, Marcus.We could give you a good discount - the first ten years in the cryochamber free of charge!
- Instead tell me which experiment you want to show our viewers and listeners?We're live! And by the way, why is the dock number 4 so different from the rest of the docks at ‘Ellydium Theta’?
- Yes, dock 4 is special.We plan to use it for particularly large ships designed for long-haul flights between star systems. So far these are rare visitors in the fringe sectors. However, independent traders on cruisers have been visiting a lot more often.
- And we're inviting you to the testing of our latest ship weapon prototype.Dr. Gilmore will tell you more.
- Of course.Let us come closer to the prototype. As you can see, it is based on a standard kinetic weapon. But its projectiles are our own development. Each charge holds billions of crystalline pseudo-organisms. They are released in close proximity to the target. For example, an enemy ship. Pseudo-organisms can destroy a spacecraft's hull in the blink of an eye. And no energy shield is going to stop them!
- Thank you, Matthew.Let's not reveal all our secrets. After all, this is our business. I think the audience just needs to see the effect to immediately queue for the latest cannon.
- Yes, this is a very impressive demonstration.Look! My shoe!
- Take it off now, Marcus!
- It's ruined!Holes everywhere!
- There's no need to be upset!Science requires sacrifice!
- Thank you, Conrad.Thank you, Matthew. Science really can work wonders! That is all. Tune in next week. I've been Marcus. Stay with us!

To be continued...


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