31 March 2017

Star Conflict 1.4.04 ¼


This week you expect truly stunning changes. We have been working on ‘Ellydium’ ships a long time and have lost sight of some of the important moments in the game. It's time to rectify the situation.

Also today it became known that biomorphs infected technological developments of all sides of conflict. Any weapons are now dangerous for pilots! Engineers are trying to cure the gun from a mysterious alien plague, but this requires time. They put forward a theory that victory over the virus depends on your merit. It's all in your claws!


Weekly Tournaments

Remembering the ancient Earth saying ‘A ship is as good as its name’ — we focused on the tournament aspect. Now the name of your team will be closer to its qualitative composition.


Holiday stickers


Specifically for this holiday we have prepared special holiday stickers, formerly owned by an actual trucker from space. They say the stickers help when escorting caravans!

  • Take it easy
  • I'll cover you
  • Kick me
  • Bandaids won't help
  • Take it slow
  • Beware of Biomorphs


Special container with holiday stickers ‘Space Trucker Bundle’ which contains all the stickers and valuable resources is available in the ‘Bundles’ tab.

Decorate your fleet during the holidays! Together we can win!


Biomorph ships


Pilots! Biomorphs infected technological developments of all sides of conflict. Besides weapons the greatest changes happened to Katana and Styx ships. We urge our pilots to be extremely careful when using these ships!



Game Modes

- Combat recon. We have often seen complaints that this is a poorly balanced mode, and the captains are often players with different, sometimes poorly suitable roles.

Now the captains are more likely to be selected from players on Thar'ga ship using a Thar'kth and had time to receive a minimum of 1000 damage.

And players on Long-range or Tackler ships remain captains forever if they happen to get that role.

- Beacon hunt. Over the whole year, we have not received any feedback or suggestions on how to change this mode. We thought it was strange, so we decided to remove it for revision.

- Survival.We see that this mode is loved by a lot of players. In this update, it was supposed to be removed, but so many threads had been created about it - more than about all the others put together - that we decided to leave it forever, and started work on introduction of similar mechanics in all modes. Increase in damage from collisions was the first step.

- Domination.Sometimes a destroyer could control several beacons with a vacuum-resonant laser and gravitational lenses.The new name better correspond to the true state of affairs and no longer leads players astray. Now it is called ‘Domination of two beacons by a destroyer, until a Thar'ga reaches them.’

- Team battle. In team battle mode you will always meet teams of various levels. After all, it's a team battle!



Since MM showed that determining player skill is difficult, now it clarifies player skill by asking questions in chat. This correction will fine-tune the balance of experienced pilots. And if all of a sudden a battle isn't balanced, then, alas, it is the player's fault, and MM has nothing to do with it.

However, players with low skill, obvious even for MM, will not receive this message.



For a long time you've been asking us to make the division of ranks 1-3, 4-6, 7-9, 10-12, 13-15. And we decided to go back to this system. However, it gives an unfair advantage to powerful pilots using purple and orange modules in ships of ranks 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 versus 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, respectively. Therefore, such pilots will not be allowed to fly in the ships of these ranks, and other ships will only be available on the condition of having white modules and weapons or their complete absence.


Open Space

For the time being there is no change, it's still being reworked.


Ships and modules

We know how you like the new ‘Ellydium’ ship and remember how you loved destroyers. So we decided to proceed with the speedy release of the ‘Ellydium’ destroyer called Vseh'Nag'Nu.Now we're going tell you about one of its modules.

- Vzu'uuh system.This module produces a black hole at the center of the area. It sucks in all objects, including asteroids and stations.
Damage - up to 5000 pts.
Range - 10 km.
Active time - 5 minutes.
If you do escape the hole in time, it will suck in your ship, and you will forever lose it.

- ‘Death Ray’ system. Installed on all destroyers. After activation a beam is charged for 1 minute. When the charge is finished, the planet in the background explodes.
Damage - up to 100 billion pts.
Range - the entire war zone
Recharge time - none
Energy consumption - 3,000 per sec.
Unfortunately, the power consumption will not allow you to use the system anywhere other than the ‘ELlydium’ destroyer, but you can still mount it.



As the players began to complain about the excessive dominance of Thar'ga, we decided to change the names of all the ships to Thar'ga. Now, according to statistics Thar'ga certainly will be in the balance.



Before the start of a new era, we wanted to do a complete wipe of all accounts in order to equalize the chances of all players. Then we gave up on this idea, but we see that it was the wrong decision.

With this patch, all accounts will be wiped. But in compensation we will give all players players their ships, their galactic standards and other resources back. We will also return synergy, all the numbers and statistics and even the ship's position in Open Space. This minimizes discomfort for all pilots.



Congratulations to all our players! We hope that you're going to like the new version of the old game. After all, it is made exclusively according to your wishes.


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