18 April 2013

Sector Conquest

Along with the 0.8.0 update come the sector conquests in the Star Conflict universe!
Each sector is divided into 63 locations. At the beginning, each of the sides controls 21 location.
Battles take place on the borders of each side of the conflict's influence zones. You can support a side of the conflict by joining the battle for one of the contested locations on the side of your nation: the Empire, the Federation or Jericho. Success or failure in battle directly affects the degree of control over locations.
You can choose which side of the conflict to represent:

— If you're an independent mercenary, you will be fighting for the side of the conflict represented by your current faction;
— If you are a member of a corporation, you will fight for the side of the conflict in your corporation's jurisdiction.

What exactly is “corporate jurisdiction”?
Starting with the 0.8.0 update, corporation CEOs will have the opportunity to select a jurisdiction — the side of the conflict the corporation supports. Every employee of the corporation is required to fight for the chosen side of the conflict.
Choice of jurisdiction is not mandatory. If the CEO decides to make the corporation independent, all the employees will fight for the side of the conflict represented by their current faction.
Sector conquests may include both independent mercenaries and corporations. The corporation that secures the most battles in a contested sector, secures full control over it!

A full list of updates can be found on our forum.

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