11 April 2017

New Broker missions. Get the exclusive ship Tai'Kin!


UMC offers all mercenaries new assignments Broker, and completing them will allow pilots to assemble the Tai'Kin cabin among the first! Also, Dimeni provides pilots with unique contracts, that can help them quickly upgrade the ship Tai'Kin.

Complete the missions! Build and upgrade the new ‘Ellydium’ scout interceptor Tai'Kin among the first!

The new innovative ship, which Ellydium shipyards presented to all pilots of the fringe sectors, is the scout interceptor Tai'Kin. The ship includes all the latest scientific achievements of Ellydium laboratories, which have reached new heights in the development of Alien technology. The ship turned out incredibly fast and maneuverable.

The ship and its active modules' development was conducted by Dr. Matthew Gilmore, head of the mysterious and highly guarded ‘Science Complex #2’ of the Ellydium Theta station. And it was supervised by Conrad Dimeni himself. Tai'Kin became the first ship that could fully use the unimaginable properties of singlet bosons for changing space-time.


Star Conflict Team


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