25 May 2017

Model of Federation Frigate Endeavour

Class: Guard Frigate
Allegiance: Federation
Rank: 10


Guard frigate ‘Endeavour’ looks like a legendary ship from the first steps of mankind in the exploration of outer space. The ship was widely used since the middle of the 27th century during the ‘religious wars’.

It proved itself well in the battles with fanatics of the so-called Fringe — the same organization that became the foundation of the church of believers in the Signal. It was ‘Endeavour’ that became an experimental model to carry the famous ‘Jumper’ — the first model of an interstellar engine of ultra-compact size.

Blueprints and technologies of ‘Endeavor’ were lost almost immediately after the adoption of the ‘Frontier Decree’. They were rediscovered in the special facility of the ‘Spot’ object, found in the asteroid field of the star system SY3176-GIII-A4 by a special expedition from Erebus.


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