8 June 2017

Assualt Railgun


We continue introducing you to main weapon types of our combat ships. Today we will talk about Assault Railgun.

A simple and uncomplicated device based on the elementary physics of electromagnetic fields: there are two electrodes, with positive and negative charges, and the electrically conductive shell that closes them. The electromagnetic field tries to push out the projectile, but it has only one direction to go— forward. And the projectile flies towards the target.

Research in the direction of electromagnetic accelerators of rail type began in the 20th century. But the ancient weapons had an extremely short life-span of the accelerating electrodes and required monstrous, at that time, sources of energy. This delayed the development of rail guns for a long time. And although this is a very old technology, today the arms market is saturated only with Jericho products.

In our time, this is one of the most accessible and common weapons in the galaxy. Mercenaries, traders, and even pirates often prefer the good old assault rails to all the newfangled and cunning devices. Even Imperial pilots in flight academies learn to shoot with assault rails.


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