20 June 2017

Science News. Inner space


Hello everyone! Once again this is your eternal science blog presenter Marcus Chromakeykus! Today for the first time I am inside the unique new ‘Ellydium’ ship — Waz'Got frigate! During the tour of the ship I am accompanied by Dr. Matthew Gilmore and Conrad Dimeni.

 - Hello, Conrad, Matthew, I'm very glad to see you again!

 - And I'm glad to see you again, Marcus. I'm also glad to show you our new super ship.

 - Yes, I was very impressed last week, seeing it for the first time in action.But I am even more impressed today, having been inside for the first time. I heard that you somehow used biomorphs?

 - Yes, Marcus.Our ships use the latest technology developed in laboratories under the supervision of Dr. Matthew Gilmore. It is a unique combination of the features of Crystallids and their enemies — Biomorphs.

 - Wait! Biomorphs and Crystallids — are they not the same thing?

 - This is a very popular misconception.Our recent research convincingly proves that these are fundamentally different creatures. We believe that these are two warring alien races.

 - Warring?But they're quite friendly when they're attacking us, humans!

 - And nevertheless it is as it is.We believe that they are enemies to each other. We were led to this conclusion by our research on Leviathan, where our station ‘Ellydium Theta’ was built. It seems that this is a giant factory for production of iridium. And not only iridium.

 - So that's what you mine inside Leviathan!

 - Yes, Marcus. Leviathan is full of mysteries and enigmas. We've only just started researching it.

 - I wish I could have a look inside.It is a pity that it didn't work last time.

 - I hope, Marcus, that this is not our final meeting and we will definitely arrange an excursion inside Leviathan.

 - Isn't it dangerous?Conducting such experiments on cross-breeding aliens, and putting them into the hands of mercenary pilots?

 - Science should not be restrained by silly prejudices and limitations!Especially now, when alien attacks turned our Galaxy into battlefields. We must use every opportunity! Yes, there is a risk. But look what splendid results the pilots show on our ships! Meanwhile, we continue our research.

 - Thank you, Conrad. Thank you, Matthew. Science does work wonders! That's all for today. Tune in next week. I'm Marcus, and stay with us!

To be continued...


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