29 August 2017

Top Guns: Singularity Cannon

We continue introducing you to main weapon types of our combat ships. In many ways, precisely because of the large selection of weapons we were able to successfully resist the alien invasion. Today we will talk about Singularity Cannon.


Singularity Cannon is a complex device that generates a charge capable of penetrating unisolated metal objects. The larger the object, the more damage it will receive from this charge.

Initially, in 4024, the engineers of the Military Freedom Association (later, part of the scientific department of the Armada), a non-profit organization operating in the interests of the young Federation, tried to develop an effective plasmoid generator to equip fighters. All attempts, up to a certain point, led to very modest results — the plasmoids had an extremely short life span.

Engineers tried a number of variations and the most exotic settings, until they got something unusual. With a certain combination of settings, the test sample failed, several barrels converged on one point, directly in front of the device. But instead of an explosion from the collision of four unstable plasma clots, everyone saw a large sparkling sphere that swam slowly towards the target. The resulting object behaved in an absolutely unpredictable manner — it slowly flew to the target, went right through it, and hit distant objects! And the damage to each object hit by a sphere was such, as if they were hit with a powerful electric impact. One of the developers said that the principle of the weapon is behind the singularity of human understanding. In honor of this phrase, the gun was given a name — ‘Singularity Cannon’. The whole principle of the generator is understandable only to experienced scientists, but it is clear that the weapon has nothing to do with gravitational fields.

The weapon is mostly designed to attack large ships and stationary objects. But some pilots manage to use it in close combat against small ships, although this is not a regular application and requires a lot of experience and skill.

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