24 October 2017

Farewell message


I don't know why I decided to record this message after I wiped the onboard log of the ship with my unwavering hand. This is probably my last attempt to stay in my right mind. Or maybe a farewell message...

Most likely I am the last surviving member of the expedition studying the destroyed alien ship on an unnamed satellite of the gas giant MOA-2011-BLG-322.

Through all those years that we were studying it, we could not understand where this starship came from. About a million years have passed since it made its last hard landing.

Behind me, behind a strong armored bulkhead, deep in the hold is what we lived for. My task is to deliver this container to the hands of those who sent us to this planetoid. And it should not fall into the wrong hands.

There in the cargo hold is the whole truth about what happened to our world. Its past, present and our future. Perhaps this is our last hope to survive.

It drives me crazy. It drives everything crazy. Ship systems, electronics. The batteries are empty. There is no fuel.  I don't even remember loading the container into the ship. No recollection of how I left the system. I woke up already in the pilot's seat. Knuckles bruised. Blood everywhere.

It contorted the whole staff. They ceased to be human. They attacked me, attacked each other. They killed each other. They did not want to give it to me. I had to use force. I locked up those who survived in the catacombs under the city, and left on the last working shuttle.

They're knocking on the bulkhead again. I'm not going to open. I know that besides me and the cargo there's nothing else on this ship. Most likely I'm not going to make it. I'm the last one. And I, too, will die. But the cargo must be delivered...


Cryptogram AAID140-208154
From: Guardian 17 station Security
To: Top secret! Only for executives with AAA access
Subject: Cursed cargo

Two hours ago, our scouts located the missing shuttle. The ship was found in the Menar system, near the abandoned tracking station. No survivors on board. There is no cargo. Apparently the ship was attacked after the death of the crew. In the pilot's cockpit we found a diary with a single audio recording. The recording was copied. The ship was destroyed under directive 152 in order to prevent the spread of an unknown contagion. The investigation continues.

Eric Holst, Space fleet station Guardian 17 Centurion


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