4 January 2018

Fighting against aliens in Leviathan sector


Ellydium dispatcher : Attention to all pilots.We are detecting heightened alien activity. The danger of flights in the zone ‘Leviathan’ is increased to orange level.
Conrad Dimeni: Thank you for responding so quickly to the call. We have an emergency situation. Natasha, you have the floor.
Natasha Cortés: Thank you, Conrad.During the last 24 hours we recorded anomalously high activity of aliens both in the station zone and on the periphery of ??our tracking stations' coverage area. In recent hours, the activity of aliens has grown by an order of magnitude. Mass attacks on transport ships and mercenaries have been recorded. In fact, communication with other stations and sectors has been interrupted.We predict a massive alien attack at the station ‘Ellydium Theta’ within the next few hours. It's possible that we only have minutes.
Dr. Parks: It is quite possible that we are to blame for this situation.Perhaps the fact that we launched the experimental space convolution device the other day is directly related to the increased alien activity, who do not want us to pull the Leviathan into the so-called Reality Continuum.
Conrad Dimeni: The sensors report that alien combat stations have entered the zone...
Natasha Cortés: It seems that it's time Festus Morten returned the favour.I need to contact him urgently.
Ellydium dispatcher : All station personnel, get ready to repel the alien attack. Occupy your battle stations according to the staffing table at red level.


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