10 May 2018

Model of Federation Interceptor ‘Spike’

After the collapse of the Empire, the fragments of its military-industrial complex were scattered over different corners of space. Something was destroyed, according to the emergency protocols, other things fell into the hands of the new factions.

When the Republic of Separate Worlds appeared on the star map, few believed that these rebels could achieve even a grain of greatness of the old Empire, because there were no significant industries on their territory. In many respects, thanks to this, the RSW retained its independence. But laboratories, shipyards and assembly shops have never been the heart of Imperial power. Its beating burning heart was the people — scientists and lab technicians, engineers and designers. The RSW has many bright minds.

Thanks to the financial protection of several investment funds, they managed not only to restore most of the old projects, but also to start several new ones. Their first brainchild was the Spike interceptor.


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