15 May 2018

Panorama of ‘Blackwood’ Shipyard

Former Imperial Sectors
System: Menar


This is the sector where one of the most famous shipyards of the corporation ‘Blackwood’ is located. Known for the fact that Ariadne AI was developed here, which brought its creators to a new level on the global market.

At the very beginning of the invasion, ‘Blackwood’ Corporation lost control of the experimental shipyard completely under control of artificial intelligence. Further investigation showed that the AI was affected by an unknown virus. ‘Blackwood’ is extremely interested in preserving its research, so its engineers are engaged in constant development and implementation of new programs that will help restore control over artificial intelligence.

Some of the new experimental samples that Blackwood released the other day are out of control. Ariadne controls the combat ships, and no one knows what happens in the brains of the ships, under the control of this AI.

In addition, Ironside, who established a dictatorship in his sector, occasionally tries to steal the secrets of ‘Blackwood’. His fighters have been seen around the ‘Blackwood’ Shipyard, where AI Ariadne is being tested.


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