4 October 2018

Increased value of premium license

Pilots! The UMC announces an increase in value of the premium license!

For each new access level in the game, pilots will receive a premium license for 2 days as a gift.

The premium license itself will now bring players 100% more synergy and credits for battles!

We remind you that a Premium license grants all pilots greater rewards for each battle. And when the battle ends, pilots with a premium license have two bonus attempts at trophy search — this means that the chance of getting new unique equipment becomes higher!


The license allows pilots to receive a greater reward:

  • +100% to credit gain;
  • +100% to synergy gain;
  • +50% to loyalty voucher gain;
  • +50% to monocrystals from missions;
  • +50% to xenocrystals from contracts;
  • +2 post-battle trophy search attempts.


Boost your fleet! Let's win together!


Star Conflict Team


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