10 January 2019

Final week! Gargoyle, Dart, and Golden Dragon!

Components for the ships Gargoyle and Dart will be available in bundles and trophy search only until january 17!

The bundles “Cyber Santa” and “Golden Dragon” will be available to all pilots only during the holidays. Colouring schemes, stickers and ships, obtained from the bundles, will remain with you forever! Available in the game store!


Components for the ships Gargoyle and Dart in post-battle trophy search

UMC intelligence has intercepted information about components of rare ships in conflict zones. According to our data, pilots can now find components of the ships Gargoyle and Dart in post-battle trophy search:

  • Components of the ship Dart can be obtained in battles on ships of rank 11.
  • Components of the ship Gargoyle can be obtained in battles on ships of rank 12.


Time to prepare the fleet for new victories and build your dream ship!


Cyber Santa bundles Dart and Gargoyle

The Special New Year bundles “Cyber-Santa Dart” and “Cyber Santa Gargoyle” are now available to all players.

The “Cyber Santa” bundles contain unique bonuses to credits and experience. Christmas stickers and the title “Cyber Santa's Helper”. The bundles can be bought repeatedly. In this case, the active time for the same bonuses stacks.


  • “Pirate Santa”
  • “Santa's sled”
  • “Christmas Tree”
  • “Gifts”
  • “Christmas cookie”


And only in these bundles the pilots will receive components of premium ships: rank 11 Jericho fighter Dart and rank 11 Empire frigate Gargoyle!


Elite Smuggler Bundle

“Elite Smuggler Bundle” is an improved version of the Smuggler Bundle that contains a set of colouring schemes, including a unique pattern “Golden Dragon” for your ship!

The pattern “Golden Dragon” was designed for those who want to show off their special status.

Colouring schemes:

  • “Golden Dragon”
  • “Invasion”
  • “Gzhel”
  • “Desert Camo 1”
  • “Summer camo 1”
  • “Desert Camo 3”
  • “Liquid Metall”
  • “Snow 2”
  • “Snow 1”
  • “Ice Crystal”
  • “Iceberg”


Star Conflict Team


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