2 May 2019

Contest “Space Victory”

Pilots, in honour of the upcoming May 9 holiday and the anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War, the UMC solemnly announces a special creative contest.

Conditions of the contest:

  • You need to create an artwork or a drawing on Star Conflict for Victory Day
  • Post your entry in a special thread on the forum
  • Each contestant can only present one entry.
  • The entry must be created by you and not violate the Rules of the Forum and the Game;

Rewards and time:

Entries are accepted from May 2 to May 15. The winners will be announced within a week.  The authors of the best entries will receive 3000 Galactic standards and a unique pattern for ships to choose from: “Invasion”, “Liquid metal” or “Iceberg”.

Traditionally, the entries with the highest number of likes will get the Th'ak'len cannon 11-17!

Good luck, pilots and happy holiday!


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