11 June 2019

Additional Test Day

Pilots! UMC reports that according to the results of the previous public testing of balance changes suggested by players, the proposed version of the game was further tweaked. In this regard, we announce an additional day for public testing.


Public test server

Testing will be held on the Star Conflict public test server.
The public test server is a game space independent of the live server where updates are uploaded for mass testing.
Instructions on how to connect to the public test server can be found here.

The test server will be available for a limited time on June 11 and 12 from 18:00 MSK until 22:00 MSK.


Removed balance changes

Sector Conquest

  • The range of all modules and missiles reduced by 25%.

Rationale: on the PTS there was no opportunity to test the change, and this is why it is postponed for an indefinite period of time. The current changes of modules, ships and guns should have a positive impact on the balance in this mode


Teleportation sphere

  • Preparation before the jump takes 1 sec.

Rationale: According to the results of testing the sphere of teleportation, the current change makes the sphere completely unsuitable for effective use.


Commitment 9-13

  • Module ranks changed to 9-12.

Rationale: Following the results of testing and discussion with the players (both Russian-speaking and English-speaking), the change was deemed unnecessary, since the effect of the Commitment module was overestimated when creating and justifying the change.


Several bugs, found during the test

Side boosters

  • Drop a bomb.
  • Do not work when applying tackler modules.

Problem: not blocked by inhibitor beam and heavy drone.


Covert Ops drone

  • Shield siphon power increased by 10%.
  • Active time reduced by 16.66%.
  • Cooldown increased by 33.3%.
  • Drone no longer fills the carrier's shields.

Problem: shield burning effect exceeds the required value.



  • The linear dimensions of the barrier are doubled.

Problem: the module's texture disappeared. It shows black squares instead.


Protocol regulation

  • Using a module drops a bomb.

Problem: using the module does not drop the bomb.


Legion Microwarp Engine

  • During a warp jump, a radioactive cloud with a radius of 1200 m remains in the launch area, inflicting up to 11220 units of damage.

Problem: when the module is activated, a cloud does not appear in the launch area.



AI frigates in PvP modes

  • Frigate bot Beam Cannon in PvP is replaced by Vulcan.

Rationale: At the moment frigates in PvP do not leave a single chance to interceptors, fighters, and even weak frigates. This makes it incredibly difficult to play, breaking any balance with an absolute Aim-bot and weapons with instant and guaranteed delivery of damage. When replacing the weapon, the absolute aim-bot will be perfectly compensated by the factor of non-instantaneous delivery of damage and a component of randomness that will not allow the frigate bots to deal all the potential damage to the enemy.

Result: Beam cannon of the bots - frigates in PvP is replaced by Vulcan Cannon and Positron Cannon in a 50/50 ratio


Star Conflict Team


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