16 August 2019

Testing balance changes, part 4

Pilots! The UMC launches a special test version of the game with balance tweaks proposed by the players. This version of the game will be available to everyone on a separate test server.


Public test server

Testing will be held on Star Conflict public test server.

The public test server is a game space independent of the live server where updates are uploaded for mass testing.

Instructions on how to connect to the public test server can be found here.


Mass test schedule

The public test server will run for a limited time. The server is intended only to test an update that is being prepared for release.

  • Friday: 18:00 MSK - 22:00 MSK. Tested on ranks 7-10

  • Saturday: 18:00 MSK - 22:00 MSK. Tested on ranks 10-13

  • Sunday: 18:00 MSK - 22:00 MSK. Tested on ranks 13-18


Update Description


Combat Reconstructor (Special Module)

  • Range increased to 900 m

Rationale: Currently, the maximum distance of the module is not enough for its effective use.


Crystal Hunger (Special Module)

  • Active time increased to 8 sec
  • Module cooldown reduced to 35 sec
  • Regeneration range increased to 1000 m

Rationale: the module's parameters now match fighter Overdrive. Hull regeneration when using this special module, given the weak basic regeneration of the ship, is also increased in order to increase the comfort of playing on the ship with this special module.


Hive (Special module)

  • Host damage reduced by 50%
  • Hull regeneration increased by 54%

Rationale: at the moment, damage to the host is 2560 units, which often does not allow the module to be used to restore durability, while the total value of regeneration taking into account damage to the carrier is only 1640 units. In the new edition, the regeneration of the host will be 3920 units, which will increase the applicability of the module precisely as the last chance for survival.



  • Base pitch / yaw increased by 0-15% (initial ranks are unchanged, the change applies to reduction with rank increase)

Rationale: in the current edition, the basic pitch / yaw parameter of this ship is significantly less than even the silver fighters.


Remote ammo detonation

  • Cooldown increased (T4 Epic to 21, T5 Epic to 17)
  • Range reduced by 16.7%

Rationale: the current reload time is less than the reload time of heavy missile weapons (torpedoes / mines), which allows to detonate it constantly and is also too short for a module that allows you to kill or deal severe damage by pressing a single button. Reducing the range will slightly complicate the game with this module, not allowing the ECM to remain in a distant safe place when using such a simple module.


Weapon System Inhibitor

  • Reduce cooldown by 25%
  • Reduce power consumption by 25%

Rationale: the module does not prohibit the use of weapons and modules, therefore control (ion cannon, stasis) is more relevant, in addition, the game has a large amount of anti-control, which allows you to reset the negative effect.

This module, as a rule, is used on ships that deal the most damage with guns, but all these ships can either avoid or reset the effect of this module.

In addition, the module can be interrupted if the target flies behind an obstacle.


‘Dome’ MDS

  • Reduce cooldown to 20 seconds on T5 Epic

Rationale: This module is difficult to use, the active time is too short. In addition, it does not compete with the active missile shield module, this revision should increase the relevance of this module.


Song of peace

  • Reduce active time to 10 seconds.
  • Reduce range to 3750 m.
  • Reduce cooldown to 30 sec

Rationale: A fairly strong module, working for 50% of its recharge time, and at long range


Ship camera zoom-out

  • Make the maximum distance from the camera the same for all ships with a value of “3”, instead of 1.5.

Rationale: This setting gives an increase in the visible area and a reduced relative visual displacement of the enemy, which is an unjustified advantage over players who are not aware of the possibility of changing it above the permissible maximum value of 1.5 using in-game settings.



  • Reduce damage by 10%

Rationale: The gun's damage is too high on imperial gunships.



  • The active range of increased resistance is reduced to the pulsar's active range.

Rationale: With the current range of the resistance-increasing aura, guard ships gain resistance with ease. In addition, with the current increase in resistance of 40 units for each enemy, guard ships become hard to kill for interceptors.


Reflected rage

  • Increase module active time to 1.5 sec

Justification: 1 second of use is rather small in comparison with the “combat reboot”, which gives an advantage, albeit a small one, in terms of time.


Drone booster

  • Increase range to 2000m

Rationale: An irrelevant situational module with this revision is designed to become more universal.


Kinetic Supercharger

  • Increase projectile flight speed by 21%

Rationale: This gun is not effective with maneuvering targets and does not compete with other interceptor guns.


‘Friend-foe’ code hacker

  • Reduce cooldown to 30 seconds on T5 Epic

Rationale: The module is currently inefficient.


Mobile pulsar

  • Reduced module reload time by 25%
  • Pulse strength increased by 50%

Rationale: The change is designed to increase the demand for the module, since at the moment the module is easily destroyed and has a long recharge time.


“Thanatos” railgun

  • Increased projectile speed by 1000m / sec.

Rationale: The change is designed to increase the effectiveness of the weapon


Reserve generator

  • The response threshold is increased to 20% and energy generation to 1000 units in 3 seconds.

Rationale: the module is currently out of date, as high damage will destroy the special module, and the backup generator will not have time to work.


Neuroaccelerator ‘Gladius II’

  • Increase damage to main weapons at a speed of less than 50% from 7% to 10%.

Rationale: There are not so many low-maneuvering ships at the moment, a value of 7% is not relevant due to too low damage growth due to increased survivability


Neuroconnector “Gladius III” (15-1)

  • Damage increase for main weapons is now 5%

Rationale: The current value of 3% is no competition to its peers.


Mass Driver

  • Cooling time reduced by 1.5 sec
  • Range increased by 500m

Rationale: The cooling time in the previous edition made the gun highly uncompetitive. And increasing the range will allow you to use the gun a little more efficiently and increase comfort.


Multiphase shield

  • Reduce cooldown to 30 seconds (11.6%)

Rationale: Long reloading of the module does not contribute to comfortable use to the full. The change is called to equate the characteristics with a similar module “Multiphase shield adapter”.



  • Damage increased by 20%

Rationale: The gun is ineffective.


Crystallid Swarm — Turret Mode

  • Reduced projectile flight and turn speed by 20%.

Rationale: At the moment, the turret is capable of dealing high damage even blindly (if the ship is not visible on the radar) and at a great distance.


Object NY18

  • Reduce afterburner energy consumption by 15%

Rationale: After the nerf of power system destabilizer, there are fewer reasons to use this guard frigate. The change is designed to increase survivability due to the implementation of maneuvers available to the ship, but requiring large amounts of energy.


Camouflage shroud

  • Reduce duration to 10 sec.

Rationale: This module has a reload time of 32 seconds and a duration of 15 seconds. After the curtain is formed, its effect cannot be undone, therefore only 2 Pilgrims can provide absolute protection of the point, this change is intended to correct this situation.


Shield Havoc

  • Range increased from 750m to 900m
  • Cooldown reduced by 5 seconds

Rationale: The combination of low radius of the effect (the effect appears in the center of the enemy ship locked as target, i.e. this is a sphere with a radius of 750m around the target, which rarely affects more than one ship) and a very long reload time makes the module ineffective.


Target highlight mode

  • Reduce cooldown time by 27%

Rationale: A long cooldown time and relatively average damage make the module ineffective with respect to the proposed analogues.


‘Hindenburg’ supercharge

  • Reduce cooldown time to 35-42s (depending on rank)

Rationale: The module designed to deal with destroyers deals only minor damage and has a long recharge time.


White noise

  • The Proton Wall modifier and the 2-3 crew reduce the control action time, as before (return the control mechanics to the module).

Rationale: At the moment, the control action from the White Noise module is an advantage in some game situations. Also 14.7 seconds of control is too much and it can not be reduced at the moment.


Energy-neutralizing missile

  • Duration reduced by 33.3%

Rationale: the rocket allows you to cover the entire beacon capture area, which does not allow you to effectively counteract other ships in such fields.


Executor, cluster rocket

  • Cluster rocket screen dimming reduced

Rationale: after a rocket explosion, the screen dimming for the target lingered for too long


Frontal Shield (Dart)

  • Cooldown time reduced by 5 seconds
  • Added an indicator of the expiration of the module in the status bar of positive effects (a small buff to turn speed)

Rationale: at the current operating time using this module, the medium cannoteffectively absorb damage, not to mention the fact that in the ratio of operating time and recharge this module is 16.6% worse than its standard counterpart, which in no way makes it a worthy alternative.


Phase Suppressor

  • Projectile speed increased by 35%

Rationale: the gun cannot be boosted in any way, while its basic projectile speed is insufficient to effectively hit targets.


Sirius, Antares, Procyon

  • Increased speed by 10%

Обоснование: корабли федерации имеют повышенную скорость относительно других фракций, но не эти корабли


Defence program ‘Wave’

  • The flight speed of the wave is halved.

Rationale: when using the special module, gunfire is blocked in favour of the shock wave effect, but this effect does not do the necessary damage.



  • Time to overheat increased to 7 seconds.
  • Cooling time reduced to 2 seconds

Rationale: The gun is currently inefficient.


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