8 November 2019

United States Championship


Technical level: 3-6 rank
Format: 5 vs 5
Game mode: Capture the Beacons
Map: PB-42
Event date: 16-17th of November, 22:00 (UTC)
Server: US only



1st place


2nd place

  • Title “Admiral”
  • Unique skin “Lava”
  • Unique weapon: Positron Destructor
  • 150 Monocrystals
  • 150 Xenocrystals


3rd place

  • Title “Major”
  • Unique skin “Invasion”
  • Unique weapon: Th’ak’Len 17
  • 50 Monocrystals
  • 50 Xenocrystals


Each participant of the Championship will receive a unique USC sticker. Every member of teams that made it past the Group stage will receive 500 Iridium.

All additional information and rules of the championship can be found on the forum! Join!


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