6 December 2019

Morning news from the special UMC service

(The UMC logo appears on the screen. After a few seconds, the frame fades out, an image of a spacious office appears. Selena Galo sits at a round table)

Good morning, mercenaries! We are a special UMC service, I am Selena Galo and this is the morning roundup.

In today's edition:

  • Attacks of pirates and cybers.
  • Suspicious activity in the Temple of Last Hope.
  • New developments by scientists of the UMC.


But first things first.


(A video with a pirate attack on a station in the Dreamland sector is played on the screen)

At the moment, the Empire controls the space around the Enclave station in the Dreamland sector. Olaf Larsen said that the imperial forces are trying to get in touch with the Pirate Baron and agree on his surrender. However, despite this, pirate attacks on distant stations were detected. According to our data, the Enclave cannot possess the technology for quickly moving across such long distances from its base. Supposedly, they use the old paths of the Direktorium that are not controlled by the Empire or the Federation.

At the same time, increased cyber activity was detected once again. Like two months ago, we are seeing the uncontrolled opening of portals. This is probably what Larry Seldon was talking about.

(A three-dimensional image of the Temple of Last Hope is projected on the screen)

For several months, the “Ancestral Heritage” organization has been studying the Temple. It is not known what exactly the scientists are looking for, but according to the statement of their representatives, “Heritage” is trying to find secret projects of the Liu Family. Recently, mercenaries noticed Jericho ships without identification marks. Scanning showed that the fighters were being remotely controlled. Their actions are well-coordinated and do not resemble those of cybers.

(An image of a spacious laboratory is projected on the screen)

At the moment, scientists at the UMC are working on new weapons. According to them, the guns will be able to work with rocky structures to extract resources. If the project is successful, the UMC will be able to obtain additional resources by the start of the new Invasion.

(The image fades. The screen shows the UMC logo with the credits below)

The Federation mobilized the Armada for a war with aliens. The Empire draws forces to the station “Guardian-17”. The movements of large groups of Helion Inc. ships have also been detected.

(The camera shows a closeup of the presenter)

You have been watching Morning News with Selena Galo. Send your articles to the editorial office of the UMC. Address of the mail drone of the special UMC service is the same: private messages of the Star Conflict community on VK or position 11/170/-298.

The most interesting messages will appear in the morning news release, and the authors will receive the title “Honorary Informant of the UMC”.


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