6 January 2020

New Year in Space!

We wish all pilots happy holidays: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020! We wish you good luck, health, happiness, success in life and in Star Conflict!

To create a festive atmosphere, we have prepared a lot of nice little things:

  • Christmas decorations for hangars.
  • Fir-trees have grown instead of beacons! And drones have become New Year's toys!
  • Festive rockets are now on sale.
  • Some UMC employees and representatives of special services from various factions and corporations that are actively working with mercenaries look extremely elegant and festive these days!

Cyber ​​Santa bundles Dart and Gargoyle

The Special New Year bundles “Cyber-Santa Dart” and
“Cyber ​​Santa Gargoyle” are now available to all players.

The “Cyber ​​Santa” bundles contain unique bonuses to credits and experience. Christmas stickers and the title “Cyber ​​Santa's Helper”. The bundles can be bought repeatedly. In this case, the active time for the same bonuses stacks.


  • “Pirate Santa”
  • “Santa's sled”
  • “Christmas Tree”
  • “Gifts”
  • “Christmas cookie”

And only in these bundles the pilots will receive components of premium ships: rank 11 Jericho fighter Dart and rank 11 Empire frigate Gargoyle!

Elite Smuggler Bundle

“Elite Smuggler Bundle” is an improved version of the Smuggler Bundle that contains a set of colouring schemes, including a unique pattern “Golden Dragon” for your ship!

The pattern “Golden Dragon” was designed for those who want to show off their special status.

Colouring schemes:

  • “Golden Dragon”
  • “Invasion”
  • “Gzhel”
  • “Desert Camo 1”
  • “Summer camo 1”
  • “Desert Camo 3”
  • “Metallic”
  • “Snow 2”
  • “Snow 1”
  • “Ice Crystal”
  • “Iceberg”


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