5 November 2013

Recruitment of translators

Dear Pilots,

we have noticed the increased interest in the French/Spanish/German version of our game and we want to improve them even more. That for we want to offer you the possibility to help us with this work.

Your task will be to translate the game from English into French/Spanish/German depending on what your native language is.


  • You need to be at least 18 years old
  • You need to be native speaker in at least one of these languages: French/Spanish/German
  • You should have a decent knowledge of the English language to be able to communicate with the team and to translate the game
  • You should be available for this task during the next time, because this not a task of a few days. It takes some time to complete the translation and to keep it up to date
  • You should have some decent knowledge about the game

If you are interested in this task and want to be a part of the Star Conflict team please send a pm to Error.

All discussions go here.

Thank you for your help and see you in space.

Always yours,
Star Conflict team

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