15 January 2021

Contest "Engineer for an engineer"

Greetings, pilots!

The Star Conflict universe is full of mysteries such as the “living” ships. Recently biologists have discovered a strange reaction of the Vaz’Got shell to mechanical damage - it regenerates! It is likely that the xenocrystals studied by Ellydium are entering a new stage of development and are taking control of the ship's shield! This unique feature will allow you to direct the development of ships in a completely new direction!

But scientists lack the necessary data. The only thing they have is this video.

UMC invites all pilots to try themselves as an engineer and find the reason for such a high shield regeneration!

Your objective:

  • Find a guaranteed way to repeat what you see.
  • Share the way to repeat it in this topic.
  • Attach the logs of the game session and all materials that can serve as confirmation of the efficiency of your method (screenshots/video). 


In case the described method works, you will receive deluxe versions of the New Year’s Battle Passes, as well as a special DLC ship that has not been announced yet!

The contest will remain open until the end of January, or until a 100% way is found to activate the Waz'Got ship's excessive shield regeneration.


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Star Conflict Team


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